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Comprehensive research and strategic support of medical projects driven by our expertise, competence and experience.



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Medical and pharmaceutical market is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy due to continuous development of medical knowledge, increasing competition and changes in legal regulations. Moreover, the medical community is very complex and distinctly different from other sectors. Which is why research and strategic support of professionals who specialise in medical market research and understand the nature of the healthcare system is so important. 


Atena Research&Consulting have been conducting the highest quality medical and pharmaceutical market research for many years.




badania rynku medycznego healthcare

Rynek medyczny i farmaceutyczny jest jednym z najszybciej rozwijających się sektorów gospodarki dzięki nieustającemu rozwojowi wiedzy medycznej, dużej konkurencji i zmianom regulacji prawnych. Ponadto środowisko medyczne jest bardzo złożone i zdecydowanie różni się od innych branż. Dlatego tak istotne jest wsparcie badawcze i strategiczne specjalistów od badań na rynku medycznym, rozumiejących specyfikę systemu ochrony zdrowia.

Atena Research&Consulting od lat realizuje najwyższej jakości badania rynku medycznego i farmaceutycznego.

Our uniqueness in the area of medical projects build three pillars:

Vast experience

  • 15 years of experience in medical and pharmaceutical market research and strategy 
  • Support for international pharmaceutical companies and local businesses 


  • Implementation of numerous projects in the areas of RX, OTC, dietary supplements as well as out-patient and in-patient healthcare
  • Professional medical education

Extensive know-how

  • Proven solutions developed during hundreds of challenging projects 
  • Comprehensive and competent research team 

Areas of medical projects

Image and health of pharmaceutical brands and companies
Positioning and communication strategy
Research of needs and decision-making processes (patients, physicians, pharmacists)
Category exploration and therapeutic schemes
Rx-to-OTC switch
NPD research – product concepts
Advertising campaigns, packaging, name and logotype tests
Promotional materials for physicians and pharmacists
Mystery Shopper/ Mystery Patient
Medical equipment – concepts and product tests
Medical care – service standards, satisfaction surveys
Workshops and training for medical representatives

Our target groups

Atena Research&Consulting - najwyższej jakości badania rynku medycznego i farmaceutycznego.

Key Opinion Leaders
Market experts

Badania rynku medycznego

Medical specialists

Atena Research&Consulting - najwyższej jakości badania rynku medycznego i farmaceutycznego.

Decision makers at medical facilities
Purchasing departments

Atena Research&Consulting - najwyższej jakości badania rynku medycznego i farmaceutycznego.

Pharmaceutical wholesalers
Medical representatives

Atena Research&Consulting - najwyższej jakości badania rynku medycznego i farmaceutycznego.


Atena Research&Consulting - najwyższej jakości badania rynku medycznego i farmaceutycznego.


Our specializations

Pulmonology, allergology, dermatology, psychiatry, vaccinology, gastrology, neurology, gynaecology, cardiology, oncology, diabetology and other 

RX - prescription preparations

Cold and flu, painkillers, gastrology, dermatology, vitamins, immunology, rheumatology, urology, stress and depression, weight loss, constipation/bloating and other

OTC and Food Supplements


PEN Injection Systems 

Ultrasound equipment

Nebulizers and other

Medical devices

Public and Private Health Care



Private medical practice

Medical centres

I have been highly impressed by professionalism, commitment and expertise. As usual, during this project Atena Research & Consulting proved to be truly professional. The project was a difficult one. The results – unambiguous and translated into clear, easy to implement recommendations. I can’t imagine a different company doing another research of this type for me.

MSD Polska
Product Manager, Oncology

Implementation of this type of project required vast knowledge about the market and the ability to conduct meetings with physicians, a very difficult target group. The project was carried out with the utmost care and the company has demonstrated a complete understanding of business needs as well as high professionalism. 

Axellus Group
Product Manager

As usual, Agnieszka Brytan-Jędrzejowska has provided the highest quality research and analyses, full of valuable insights and recommendations. Cooperation with her is also strongly focused on building good, long-term partnership.

Sandoz Polska Sp z o.o.
Global OTC Brand Manager