market research

The combination of extensive market knowledge and high strategic competences makes our projects unique.

market research

Holistic approach. 
We manage complex research projects which support everyday business decisions of our clients. 

Modern research and analytical methods. We always want to explore the world of consumers as deeply as possible, gain a detailed understanding and the most valuable insights. 

Clear guidelines for your business. We provide complete solutions for our clients, which are ready to be instantly implemented and constant support in strategic decisions.

15 years of experience. We’ve been managing research projects for many years and we always observe and listen to our clients carefully. 

We know what is the most important for you in the research process. 

market research
Constant supervision of the project – a researcher and a strategist assigned to the client
marketing consulting
Marketing and strategic consulting for each project
market research
Tailor-made projects – adapting methods and tools to client’s business aims and budget
market research
Professional background of the team and full responsibility for the project – client's peace of mind
market research
Totally individual approach to each project
market research
Research results effectively translated into clear recommendations and ready business solutions

Attention to detail at each project stage


  • Adjusting methodology to business needs and issues
  • Modifying approach with the budget in mind
  • Kick-off meeting with the client during every project
  • Drawing on a wealth of knowledge of our team 
  • Desk-research analysis

Research execution

  • High-level researchers specialized in specific industries and research types
  • The highest recruitment standards
  • Full responsibility for implementation – client’s peace of mind
  • Our own focus studio
  • Cati studio
  • A network of coordinators, moderators and interviewers throughout Poland

Interpretation of results

  • Combination of various analytical methods 
  • Leading market analysts
  • Combining research and strategic expertise at the analytical level 
  • Simple, yet visually attractive presentation of results (one-pager) 

Ready solutions

  • Valuable recommendations which can be immediately implemented in your company 
  • Support of everyday business decisions
  • Post-research consulting for every project: workshops with the client, presentations to the Board,  media appearances, etc. 

Areas of our interest

Consumer insights

Exploration of markets and categories

Segmentation research

Decision-making processes – drivers and barriers

Brand image and health

 Development and positioning strategy

Advertising and communication

Consumer trends

NPD potential

Product concepts

Sales process research

Point of sale audits

Customer service and satisfaction surveys 

CEM – Customer Experience Management 

CSR and social campaigns

Trust Building projects

Each time I’ve been struck by complete commitment, passion and totally individual approach. Always working with the project and client’s needs in mind.  After one project carried out by another agency, I thought: “Nobody would do it better than Atena Research”.

Senior Brand Manager

The project was carried out by Atena Research&Consulting with the utmost care and high professionalism. It allowed us to obtain a lot of significant and invaluable insights, and also provided us with numerous guidelines for further marketing activities. 

Komfort S.A. retail chain
Marketing Director

 Atena Research & Consulting has carried out the project with the utmost care, great commitment and high professionalism. Agnieszka Brytan-Jędrzejowska, the project leader, demonstrated strong research intuition, full professionalism and also deep understanding of business needs. 

PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna S.A.
Marketing Manager