creation of strategies

We advise you on positioning your company in the competitive market and which strategy to employ in order to be successful.

creation of strategies

Strategy development.

Our comprehensive programs are based on an interdisciplinary perspective, holistic knowledge of many markets and categories and an array of innovative strategic tools. Due to a combination of these elements we establish a complete diagnosis of problems and challenges faced by contemporary brands and create visionary and winning strategies.

Many years of experience, market knowledge and business intuition place us among the few who are able to comprehensively advise companies. 


In our team, we combine a modern data scientist expertise with a strategic know-how.

We support your company at every stage of a strategic process. 

Brand positioning

  • Target Group
  • Competition
  • Brand Key
  • Market segment identification 
  • Communication strategy 

Business model

  • Support model 
  • Distribution model 

Operational plan

  • Marketing activities 
  • Sales activities


  • Planned market share 
  • Sales forecast 

Product portfolio

  • Brand Stretch
  • Fit to brand
  • Names 
  • Prices
  • Launch sequence

A problem can very often be solved by choosing appropriate tools. A compilation of proven and innovative solutions and an ability to combine them allow us to overcome business problems. 

Short and effective meetings with a project team, during which we explore new ideas and capture their strengths and weaknesses. 

In a short time, we jointly develop ready solutions. 



Creative brainstorming sessions moderated by our strategists and researchers – a few-hour meetings based on Design Thinking method, which help to combine experience and ideas of employees from various departments, in order to jointly generate valuable concepts and create new ideas.


Advanced consulting and strategic program. An examination of the brand/product from many perspectives. Based on client’s data and information about categories available on the market as well as many years of experience of our researchers and strategists in a given market sector. 


Our workshops for clients offer a possibility of mingling with their consumers and creating new ideas together. It’s a confrontation of visions of consumers, clients, advertising agencies and other ‘think tanks’ involved in the project. Brainstorming – an invaluable source of inspiration and insights. 


Strategic and bold recommendations and solutions which are ready to be implemented always constitute an integral part of Atena Research&Consulting approach to every project.

Senior Brand Manager

An experienced team of marketers and strategists provided us with the highest quality analyses, full of valuable recommendations, which we used to take further strategic decisions. During the whole project we had peace of mind, as we knew it would be carried out comprehensively and professionally.

Prima Poland
Marketing Director

Projects are always carried out according to the highest standards, with full engagement and professionalism. An important element of each project is consulting provided on an ongoing basis by Agnieszka Jędrzejowska, the company founder, a highly experienced researcher and consultant.

Senior Specialist, Marketing Research