Case study: Market entry of ultra mobile ultrasound machine

Understanding the category, determining the position of the new product in comparison to competitors. Developing the most appealing business model and strategy of entering the market.

Case study mobilne USG
Case study mobilne USG

Case study

  • Product

    New technologies, innovation

  • Industry

    Healthcare, Medical Tools

  • Objective

    Developing a market entry strategy

  • Tools and execution

    Strategic workshops, expert and specialist interviews (doctors, specialists, opinion leaders – KOL’s) & device tests in facilities, creative concept research in different TG

  • Result

    Development of strategic directions for a new solution that will minimize the risk and achieve the assumed business goals

Achieved business objectives

  • Developing the most attractive business model for a new product

  • Determining the optimal price level and defining a sales model and distribution method appropriate for the Polish market

  • Defining categories – strategic diagnosis

  • Defining the positioning of competing brands and rules of the category that create a complete picture of the battlefield for the product

  • Identifying key SoBs (with the greatest potential)

  • Describing Value Targets including brand insights, drivers and barriers of Brand Proposition

  • Developing a CDJ model with key triggers, barriers and touchpoints

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