Customer Experience

Customer experience at different touch points, Customer Journey Map, development of Customer Service development, B2B strategic consultancy, process’ optimization.

Customer experience
Customer experience

People talk a lot about Customer Experience these days. What hides behind this enigmatic name? It is a broad statement covering all consumer experiences and feelings that bond them to a particular company, brand, product or service. A company or brand creates many triggers (impulses) during an interaction with the consumer, which then shape their experience, which is none other than Customer Experience.

We research and analyze customer experience at different touch points, develop a map of customer behavior known as a Customer Journey Map, and we provide directions on how to effectively manage customer experiences, service design, modifications and optimization.

Main goals which Customer Experience research achieves:

  • Determining key touch points of the brand/service and customer relationship
  • Defining key sweet spots and moments of truth
  • Comparison of most important customer experiences with competitive environment
  • Pinpointing main strategic activities necessary to build competitive advantage at defined touch points.

Exemplary scope that we cover:

  • Customer Experience Management Workshops
  • Customer Journey Map
  • Hand-off Analysis – indicating process participants and their mutual ties.
  • Model ‘As is – To be’ (improvement recommendations)
  • Reorganizing / optimizing processes needing improvement

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