Marketing strategies

In Atena Research & Consulting we identify the right positioning in a competitive market and what strategy to choose in order to win.

Strategia marketingowa

Strategic program according to Atena Research & Consulting

Comprehensive strategic programs based on interdisciplinary perspective of researchers and strategists, holistic knowledge of markets and categories as well as an innovative strategic toolkit. Thanks to this combination we establish a complete diagnosis of problems and challenges facing modern brands and create visionary and accurate business strategies.

Considerable experience, extensive market knowledge and business intuition make us one of the few unique agencies which are able to consult companies in such a comprehensive way.

Our Team combines competencies of contemporary data scientists with strategic know-how.

We support your business during every step of the strategic process.

Together with our clients we develop marketing strategies (positioning, repositioning, brand architecture, portfolio, value proposition), communication strategies, portfolio strategies, entry market strategies.

We base all our programs on sound market and competition diagnosis.

We base on Agile methodology (small steps technique) in our projects. We approach each project individually, adequately applying logic and setting its phases. Thanks to that, our cooperation is based on flexibility and the best fit to your needs.

Building a sustainable competitive advantage is possible thanks to giving consumers offers that best meet their needs. Yet, in order for the marketing strategy to be successful, it needs to be reliably developed based on professional and thorough market, trends and consumer needs knowledge.

Thanks to our expert knowledge we are able to tell apart consumer declarations from real consumer behavior, and we provide our know-how and experience from previous consulting projects as an added value. It is this compilation of proven and innovative solutions, as well as their skillful application that cause business challenges to no longer be a problem.

Have a look at our strategic project toolkit:


    Creative ‘brain storming’ moderated by our strategists and researchers – it is a fewhour long meeting based on the Design Thinking method. It helps combine knowledge and ideas of employees from different departments in order to create valuable ideas and concepts or to develop completely new ones.


    During dynamic workshops we compare your new products ideas (your company, advertising agency) with those of your consumers, thus collectively generating consumer insights for the creation of NPDs. Consumer Insight*Session is an irreplaceable source of inspiration and insights!


    It is highly valued by our clients method of creative problem solutions, developing new/innovative products, services, processes through defining real consumer needs. Thanks to this we will help you recognize new opportunities and effectively speed up the development of new solutions.


    Our in-house consulting-research program which helps to rebuild ‘old brands’’ capital. This process is worth conducting when your brand is losing sales or stopped growing and you are looking for a reliable strategy with strong recommendations to rebuild its capital, or you want to know ‘is it still worth it?’


    With the help of this tool we will let you visualize advantages of your product in a specific and clear way, its USP (unique selling proposition), PoD (point of difference) as well as target group and values that are important. It’s a starting point for building a strategy of every product.


    This unique method shows clients’ satisfaction and bond between a brand and a client. Together we create a map showing consumer journey with your brand/service based on a proven ‘timeline’ method, visualizing the relation between client and brand at particular touch points with an emphasis on Sweet Spots and Moments of Truth. We have vast experience in Customer Experience Management projects from different market sectors.


    Advanced strategic-consulting program that will help you look at your brand/product from many different perspectives. It’s based equally on your data, category data available on the market and extensive experience of our researchers and strategists. Based on a detailed diagnosis of the brand’s/service’s current market situation, we will define directions of strategic activities regarding the development of your brand.


    A full-scale research-strategic program in which we will develop together a launch strategy and an investment strategy for a new product/service/category. Thanks to a deep market and category diagnosis we will set up strategic directions, including strong recommendations. You will find out how to build on a new market, which dimensions should be used to set up a product/brand and which target group should be addressed.