Report: Medical start-ups in Poland

It is the first report in Poland concerning medical start-ups. Perception of the MedTech industry, start-ups’ profiles, cooperation with medical branch representatives, government institutions and pharmaceutical companies.

Raport Med Meets Tech
Raport Med Meets Tech

The report describes over sixty start-ups and also includes the opinion of experts that have significant influence on MedTech in Poland. Such comments are essential in terms of this industry and its specificity, as well as numerous legal regulations. Considering the number of MedTech start-ups working in Poland, we are convinced that we present a reliable image of the medical start-up sector.

While conducting our research on start-ups, our goal was to determine profiles of start-ups and their founders precisely and to determine previous cooperation with the key market entities – representatives of the medical branch, government institutions and main pharmaceutical companies.

MedTech industry is very appealing, as far as its specificity and legal regulations are concerned. As a strategic partner, we prepared the methodology and generated the results of the report. We are convinced that we present an interesting image of the medical start-up sector in our country.

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The document above is the first one that describes medical start-ups in Poland so closely. We hope that the report above will help to gain a good understanding of the specificity of this sector.

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