Our team

Atena Research & Consulting is a team of exceptional people – creative, talented, determined hotheads (enthusiasts), researchers and strategists.

We develop the best strategies and deliver the best results because we love our job. Thanks to the vast knowledge of the market and consumers, usage of sophisticated research tools, strategic competencies and high interpretation skills we allow our clients to rediscover the world of the consumer all over again.

  • We go beyond the common paths and approach each project individually
  • Passion, creativity and openness to clients’ needs are what makes us special and distinguish us from others
  • We provide invaluable support regarding research, creative and strategy issues.

We provide security and a feeling of comfort throughout the whole process of taking even the most difficult business decisions.

Our team has over 100 years of shared experience :). For almost 20 years we have delivered the highest quality market research, marketing insights and strategic projects designed to meet market and consumer needs. We work for Polish and foreign companies every day, combining diverse tools and solutions for better market and consumer understanding.

Atena Research & Consulting Kadra

Agnieszka Brytan-Jędrzejowska,
the CEO and Managing Director is
a project leader in
Atena Research & Consulting

Agnieszka has been an enthusiast of marketing research and marketing consulting for over 20 years, cooperating with Polish and foreign companies from different sectors: healthcare, FMCG, telecommunication, media, construction, finance, motor and energy. Agnieszka is constantly improving her skills and widening her knowledge. She is a prestigious Leon Koźmiński Academy Executive MBA graduate and holds a diploma in Professional Marketing of English Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Agnieszka is a very experienced researcher and strategist, as well as an expert in brands and companies’ positioning, consumer insight and needs, product concepts, communication concepts, UX and Customer Experience. She has a great research intuition, business awareness and maturity, as well as a high level of understanding of clients’ needs combined with research and strategic competencies.

She is a valued mentor, lecturer and trainer in development and mentoring programmes. Very engaged in the development of entrepreneurship in Poland – she supports start-ups and new businesses with her expertise and knowledge on how to successfully run a company.

Agnieszka is involved in acceleration and mentoring programs in Poland and abroad – Business in Women Hands by Sieć Przedsiębiorczych Kobiet, Vital Voices Chapter, Executive Innovation and Technology Study in US, Israel Innovation Ecosystem and Tech.

Her day never ends, as she is fully engaged in every enterprise and project all the while not forgetting to take care of her two super talented sons – as she says: ‘it’s the project of my life’.

’Some years ago I quit a job in a big, international research agency to start up my own company. That is why I know what challenges every entrepreneur faces. I know how important in running your own business is advice and help from experts from different fields.’