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Atena Research & Consulting raporty

At Atena Research & Consulting, we not only carry out adhoc research, suited to individual customer needs, but also our own research projects (syndicated research), presented in ready-made reports containing an in-depth analysis of social and market phenomena and changes. They provide up-to-date knowledge of market / segment trends.

The results of these studies are shared with various companies. If you want to know the current market situation quickly and at a pretty low cost – the syndicate reports can be a good choice.

Available syndicated reports:

We share our expert knowledge acquired in the course of syndicate projects in various places – at conferences, in the press, radio broadcasts and media interviews. We had the pleasure of appearing in: Personel i Zarządzanie, Wysokie Obcasy, Wysokie Obcasy Praca, Newsweek, Chilli Zet and many others.

Syndicate reports are conducted not only on our own initiative, but also in cooperation with various partners (companies, associations, funds, industry organizations), supporting them in gathering and developing unique, expert market knowledge. If you are interested in cooperation in creating syndicate reports – contact us.