Report: Power Generation, 50+ Generation, what do we know about it?

We would like to introduce to you a report of a segmentation, ethnographic research that is representative of the Polish 50-70 generation.

Raport Power Generation
Raport Power Generation

They have a high purchasing power, they deal with the new technologies’ world very well. Experts at managing their free time which they spend on developing interests and taking care of their health. They are active and make the most of their second spring in life. The findings of the research |Power Generation. Money, sex and power – what drives people over 50.” are contrary to all of the stereotypes about them.

The research shows a completely different image of the generation than the one that has been perpetuated in social awareness for years.

The report based on the research into the 50-70 y.o. generation has been divided into these sections: values and fears, lifestyle and leisure time, digitization, consumption and advertising, travelling, activity in the labour market and personal development, finances and health. The report identifies and describes in detail seven psychographic types of the 50+ generation, i.e. attitudes, behaviors and approaches to life.

Thanks to the methodology that is a combo of both ethnographic and quantitative research, we know what the daily life of those over 50 years old looks like. We let them speak. We visited their homes, we talked to them, we saw their mindset, lifestyle, fears, complaints, desires and hopes.

Agnieszka Brytan-Jędrzejowska, CEO, Managing Director Atena Research & Consulting

Explore the report from a segmentation representative research project about the Polish generation

Download the teaser of the Power Generation 50-70 report.

Poles over 50 y.o., constitute a very large and diverse group. However, most of them are valuable consumers, with the highest purchasing power in Poland. It is worth getting to know them very well and to learn how to reach out to them.

Agnieszka Brytan-Jędrzejowska.

„Power Generation. Pieniądze seks i władza – co napędza osoby po 50.”/ MONEY, SEX AND POWER – WHAT DRIVES 50+PEOPLE? Has been conducted by using both quantitative and qualitative methodology in March and April 2019. Quantitative research has been conducted by using CAWI methodology on a representative sample – 815 people at the age of 50-70 years old (representativeness for sex, age ranges, education and the size of places of residence). Qualitative research is based on 24 in-depth ethnographic interviews conducted in respondents’ homes and their environment, supported by 24 ethnographic journals.

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